Concept sketches for a childrens book

Hey everyone, this is my first Oondu post, of some thumb nails for the cover of a children’s book I am doing. The boss wants Dr. Suess like.
It’s a little disappointing that rough cocept scketches are my first Oondu post, but I was hoping for a good old brutal critique. Harsh truth to send me in the right direction. If you have anything thoughts, please send them at me.

These are all just a rough sketch of how the book cover may look. This one is the first concept. The idea is that a montage of little sketches of things that happen throw out the story are scattered around the tidal letters. I think that a hand drawn fount would look the best with this idea. There would be a lot more little things from the story sticking out every where if I continue with this idea.

This is the second concept of the boy digging throw his toy chest looking for god. There will be more of a fountain of toys flying out above him and more of a messy room in the back ground. I used a rather extreme fount just as a test and kind of liked it, but it is also a overly used fount and has a bit of a generic feel.

These are other founts I liked and some random sketches of fluffy cat and the boy frustrated.


Jeff Lance said...

Go with the hand drawn font. Especially if you're going for a Dr. Suess thing.

Bernadette said...

yeah dude i agree with Jeff and I think the illustration is best on that one too.

NaV said...

All right. thanks alot guys, I think I will start on it tonight.

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