Storm Catcher

So...I've realized I have a bad habit of starting stuff and moving on to the next project before finishing. I need to get a grip on that...

Anywho, this piece is an idea I cooked up about a girl who can catch lighting and bend it to her will and even store it with the use of a *insert trinket/item name*

The corner is a color scheme i was messing around with and liked...although i doubt I'd leaver her skin green...it does have it's appeal for god knows what reason. I want to set her on a high rocky cliff with the ocean in the moonlight as the background. any suggestions and crits are greatly appreciated!

Also the summer stuff is looking good guys!

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Bernadette said...

NIce drawing dude, I think she is a little bit still for a storm catcher, you should put some more action in it. I like her hair color but i think your blues should be greyer and her skin maybe bluer too.

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