Character Bust

This is my main character for my story for illustrative drawing. I'm also sculpting a life size bust of him for 3d illustration. He is a Culiye, a faun like creature that despite is appearance is quite timid. It is up to him to save his race, and his world from being destroyed.


Kevin Havens said...

I'm diggin this. Honestly I think I'd like him more with smaller eyes, I like the wrinkles so I'm thinking yoda sort of eyes. If that makes sense. Did you have any ideas as far as skin color and hair color?

Mike Puncekar said...

Looking good so far. I can see that the snapping turtle at the zoo is possibly an inspiration?

The anatomy is looking good man, and I get a kind of warm feeling because it reminds me a bit of the oddworld universe.

Technically I think this is just great. Personally, that unicorn horn takes any and all toughness out of his demeanor if it's a kind of tough on the outside, intelligent and fair thing on the inside vibe. Maybe bend it back so it flows with the forehead a bit more. That way I think you would get a nicer silhouette and a better flow in his features.

Tyrassic said...

Thanks for the input guys. Mike- yeah i definitely am influenced by oddworld with my characters and environments, it was an awesome game. And I'm glad that you get the feeling of him being tough on the outside and kind on the inside, because that's exactly the kind of personality that I wanted to get across. I'll for sure try your suggestions as well.

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