Character for styles


Kevin Havens said...

This is awesome, love the facial expression. If its not finished I'd like to see a little more detail in the clothing. More ornaments and stuff like that. Pirates were all about showing off so I think maybe some trinkets on the hat or some expensive looking trim or buttons on the jacket would give it a little extra character. Nice work man

Alex Lyon said...

Agreeed. I think a splash of color some where would really make him a bit more interesting. Also I think his hat is sitting a bit to high on his head...it feels a bit like it would fall off.

Great Character though. I always love your color schemes.

Mike Puncekar said...

Agreed on more knick knacks. At least if his story is a successful one as a pirate. Think about what did they get off of this ship, or that island. Stopping with that piece of fabric tied around the arm doesn't feel like enough. If it was in an illustration I don't think I'd complain at all about it, but as a standalone concept push the visual history of a pirates clothing. Take a british officers coat, dirty it up and sow coins into the collar and such, or cut off the sleeves. Something to tell, this is where he has been.

Technically you never really have a problem man, you definitely got a great technique working for you digitally. I'm guessing you turned this in already, but if I had things that bothered me it's the extended pointer finger, the high hat, and the sort of feminine silhouette you have due to the one size too small coat.

Be really cool to see a whole crew concepted out. Maybe pirates will be the next theme. Everyone loves pirates.

Alvaradolol said...

Really great critiques, thanks guys. I'll keep all this in mind!

Angie Andrews said...

I am so jealous of people who can draw guns! =(! awesome though!

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