Professional Practice Makes Perfect

Alrighty, this is my piece for Groff. The idea is he's a roadie, whom while the band is up on stage rockin' out, goes into his own zen by jamming by himself backstage. Because of the perspective on him I'm gonna have to get very creative with the background, any suggestions would be a big help. Good to be back in the swing of things and having stuff worth posting and looking at. Thanks for lookin guys


Cassandra Cappello said...

It deff needs a background. Maybe have the band showing on the stage in a bit of it. it will be hard to get across what you are explaining, I think that his head is a little small though, it kinda makes him look huge. Other than that i really like the concept and where it is so far good luck with it.

D.R. Hovey said...

The head works in perspective as long as you bring in the shoulder a tad.

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