Hello Children, finally got this western thing outta my system. I've had revolvers and straight whiskey and gunsmoke and spurs on the brain for the past few months from first seeing the incredible The Proposition, and picking up The Dark Tower series. This was an open assignment for Prof Practice. Sadly, its not a real event, otherwise I'd be all over that. Thanks for lookin' guys


PhiL said...

Looks awesome kev. Nice colors and design. Maybe pick just a few more key areas to show information like the face and the chest. Theres a lot of black right now.

Angie Andrews said...

this response is SO delayed. This is really awesome. I like the textures and the type is handled really well. For the type, would it be possible to tighten up around the hands pointing? Since the hands of the gentleman here are really the only thing about him that you see clearly, I would spend some time getting teh anatomy cleaner and add some more shadows and detail to them. Awesome job! =>

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