MONGOLS! (and Templars.)

I can't believe I finished this one. An hour ahead of schedule. Gotta start getting ready for class, but this was my personal piece for Groff's professional practices class. Wish I had another day to work on it, tighten it up, balance some more, and add to it but I'm all out of time.

Definitely pitched a bigger project than I was able to deliver with all the other stuff going on.

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PhiL said...

Nice piece mike. I like the design and limited color is cool, maybe just a bit more color in some places, maybe some blues, Really nice portraits. I think that the expression of the guy in the foreground is a bit to calm for the situation. Also, maybe a touch more gore coming from that nice beheading. Think that flag above the right most Templar seems a bit awkward to the design right now, maybe think about dropping it

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