Two Characters

Last night I challenged Kevin Havens to a quick Photoshop Character battle. Each had one hour to draw a zombie survivor. After that one, we were both feeling productive still and kevin named the catagory comic book nerd. Good times were had. Although I forgot to shake my can of yoohoo before opening it, and I had a bad taste in my mouth the entire second round.


PhiL said...

those are some sweet textures, what brush are you using?

Mike Puncekar said...

both were made using two brushes I randomly nabbed a few years back. They are my go to brushes. One is 9px, and the other is 50px. They behave like pastel and colored pencil on coldpress.

Anonymous said...

lol that sounds like a pretty sweet challenge imo, loving the texture and shapes, i kinda wish you used more of the shapes in the comic book nerd that u did in the zombie survivor but the nerd's facial expression is spot on. nice work!

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