evil kitties

This was my other idea for Groff's music ill project. It's the song Lucifer Sam by Pink Floyd, I read that the song was about Barrett's girlfriend and the cat was a metaphor for her evil side. I thought I might use this for SOI, so if you guys have any suggestions, I am listening attentively.


Alvaradolol said...


this rules.


D.R. Hovey said...

This is looking really good. The thing I think would help it would be more opaque highlights on her skin. Make her really dimensional along the face, it would help enhance the effect of her body fading back. I like the softness of the hands, and the cat is wonderful.

Leon D. said...

this piece is really great.

i think its beautiful, maybe if u had a bit of the same colors on the hand on the upper part of the head to give it more life.

keep it up buddy.

DENt said...

Great sense of style.

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