Armor Concept plus page 2

Well I hope everyone had a nice "break" I know I enjoyed writing papers and fun stuff like that, anyway, here is something I managed to cook up while not writing, im thinking it would be funny to slap it on my invoice, that way, people will be sure to pay me for a job when they see this guy. COMMENTS PLEASE!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

as a personal preference I'd want the girl to have a slimmer more feminine body shape, but i'm guessing you were going for thick body armor. if you do, make it look bulkier by making it feel like its heavy on her. the way it is now she looks like she has a man's body with a woman's head. it's easier if u draw her naked silhouette first and then add the armor.

i really dig the "freeze panel" lots of movement and its well drawn. try to put some more space in between the characters on the top panel.

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