My first post ever in the history of my blog is an oil painting of Micheal Jackson. It is a very small painting and was originally intended to be for a stamp. The project was for Chris Payne's class. Honestly I am not a big fan of this piece and I am not quite sure why.... I have spent a long time without looking at it and I still don't know quite what is odd or off about it but there is something a bit strange about his face in this painting(and in real life). I was hoping I would get more of a crit on this piece but I guess that is what you guys are for so feel free to critique away! :-)

P.S.- If you click on these images they are HUGE and need to be resized. What you see in the post is closer to the actual size of the original painting which is only like 4 inches on its longest side. I will fix these later.

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