What can I do to make it better?


Anonymous said...

i like the addition of the birds, very nice. i know this is ridiculous but after looking at this develop more and more i'm wishing the width of the entire piece was increased. that's obviously a big change but i think it would look awesome.

but with what you have im thinking possibly making some thicker clouds in the back? you know give them some body...but I'm not sure if u were going for a foggy look so that might be redundant.

Bernadette said...

I agree with Chris about showing some interesting clouds. I think you should probably reposition the birds because they are all the same width apart, and perhaps more of them. I love the color of the sky, it has a really nice mood. Also the horn feels a little generic right now, maybe try something more decorative or weird shaped. Very pretty so far

D.R. Hovey said...

very golden spiral of you

Bernadette said...

dude this turned out totally sweet, the birds really give it that sense of scale. i love it

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