Attn: Please Crit, due monday

Alright everyone, I really need you guys to leave whatever hang ups you got about my work cuz I want to know what can be done to make this better using the extra day I've earned from finishing early, (I gota send this out monday) please tell me what you think

The piece is called "Little Red and Big Bad Enjoy the Full Moon" this isnt a representation of the grimm fairy tale little red riding hood, but more just the idea that popped into my crazy skull from saying the name of said fairy tale. That said, i wanted to do a design heavy illustration, hope I pulled it off.



Anonymous said...

Well Phil this is looking pretty sharp. I think you did a pretty bang up job on this one. The Robot guy is well done but I think you could make some shaper edges in the reflections to give a better sense of metal, just push and pull the shapes, It seems like you have a lot of really soft edges inside the line. Make the glowing eye a different color as well as allow it to splash its glow a little more so we can get the full sense that it's the eye, it just needs more attention. You're doing some fun stuff with the textures like the girls shirt or see through thingy. The moon looks wonderful, but it is being killed by those chunky smoke stakes. I feel like you need to make them fluffier and lower the opacity a lot, they are competing with little reds head. All in all this is a well designed piece and there's a lot of really successful aspects.

PhiL said...

thanks pat, those are all really helpful suggestions

Anonymous said...

this is a really nice piece Phil, a lot of work was put into it and it's really clean. I agree with all that Pat said, maybe you could bump the value up on both characters to pop them more as well as separate them from each other. I especially feel like her left leg is a bit washed out value wise. Great job tho!

PhiL said...

thanks chris, a day late but still very much appreciated

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