Winter break=time for art

this is a painting i did for my good friend's wedding. He is a marine and put his time in Iraq so i got the red white and blue+Iraqs yellow colors going on. It is a bit of a spead painting but i was hoping the painterly look worked. What do you think?

I did this for my sisters birthday. Big guys representing the time of day with the sun or the moon, or with both. I was happy with the last one but something seems off for some reason. If any one has any advise i would ove to hear it. Thanks.


Bernadette said...

Nice stuff Nathan, I do think the painterlyness of the portrait works. I really like the good morning piece, its very dynamic. you should try getting rid of the all the white space in the bottom piece it doesn't have the same sense of depth the other to have. Anyway your beating me as far as painting goes i haven't painted anything at home yet!

NaV said...

Thanks,thanks Bern. I will do that, o and get to work, school starts soon.

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