The Krampus

Hey illustrators! How are things. I really just wanted to join this blog to do the theme drawings, because that seems like so much fun...

This is the Krampus, a mythical german creature that Bernadette warned me of. Bern, I'd like to see your Krampus!


D.R. Hovey said...

At first I thought it was a warning against cramps. Which, legend has told, can make women act much like monsters themselves. About your drawing I have only one comment, however: Holy eff, his knees have fur on them. Furry knees. God help us.

Bernadette said...

WELCOME to the OONDU, Barbington. I laughed uproariously when i saw this, I dig that blue flame, also nice expression. Soon you will see a rendition of the Krampus that almost got me this year, phew, thanks St Nick!

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