Creeky Closet Monsters

Forgot to post this one up, here's the final drawing and a WIP of the final illustration. I rendered this out and colored it up for class last week the night before, but wasn't totally digging the scheme and the finished quality so I want to go back in and finish it off more for myself.

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Mike Puncekar said...

Man, you can certainly draw. It's definitely getting a bit busy though, over detailing and such, especially on monster. Those are some really deep michelin man like folds, to the point where it's almost looking like he's wrapped in cloth in the thumb. I think letting some stuff, especially with such a dramatic lighting scheme, fade into silhouette would go a long way in creating a stronger focus a bit more drama. I notice it a lot on your final rendered stuff. In the areas you really want the viewer to look it's amazing, cause it really knocks your socks off adn that's what people love, but having it everywhere makes it go flat pretty quick because it's just too confusing for the eyes. The eyes only truly focus on a 2-3 foot area directly in front of us. Not to mention you'll be able to crank out awesome art for us faster.

Seriously though, you are really damn talented.

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