Always, Only, Ever

Hey illustrators, I'm busting out my thesis film, here is a poster for it


Bernadette said...

Dude last night this poster came to life in my dream. try the eye

Anonymous said...

this looks like It'll be good.

Allison Kennedy said...

maybe bump the chroma value a little higher in the rabbit dude? Just slightly, so he doesnt compete with the top line of text.

PhiL said...

looks like its gona be sweet, i love the character and the poster is really nice, I would bump up the chroma too, more eye grabbing

i gota ask, is the a reason for the 8 shape in the middle? i feel like something could go above him, maybe a thought bubble or some demons (maybe if i knew what the film was about =p)

Barbara Benas said...

yeah, it's the shape of his girlfriend, she's a peanut.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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