Lion spirit revamp

This is a revamp of one of my old pieces. basically this was a test of my reference taking skills cause the previous version of this piece lacked reference and also lacked skill in use of the program called Photoshop. other than that I believe this turned quite successful


Anonymous said...

i feel like you try too hard to paint with photoshop without having a basic drawing or foundation sketch. Your pieces turn out "wispy?" don't know if that's the right word but they lack structure.

try to let go of those brushy strokes and start using solid shapes...get a nice shape relationship down before worrying about color, texture, or even brush strokes. maybe that will bring things together a bit.

i still think you should jump back to traditional, your stuff always seems more solid when it's not digital. idk, just my opinion. either way it will improve your digital work in the long run.

Allison Kennedy said...

Leo, you got to pick places to use that scratchy brush. Using it everywhere is not a good idea. I agree with Chris that you need to do more shaping before you get into rendering. Remember the plainer structure that King pounds into your head in Commercial Fig? Use that dude. Start completing pencil drawings. I think that would help you out. Still, you are miles beyond where you used to be.

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