Environment WIP

Environment concept WIP. This is a concept of a swamp where an evil witch lives who created a race of mutated goblins. In order to pass on to the goblin village of Scum Bucktoo you must enter through one of their skull caves, which in this environment raises out of the depths of the murky swamp. Crits and comments welcome, trying to decide on a color scheme to go with if anyone has advice.

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SHYsuiko said...

my two favourites of the colours are the right-most two.think i like the brown-blue one the best. it's a great play off cool-warm colours and the blue just feels really luminous.
my only crit would be that i think if you put just a few more darks in the foreground [in the very top of the right tree and maybe a little dark detail in the bridge closest to the viewer] that it might push the space even more. but that's all i can think of! looks great~

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