suggestions of any form?

hello, everyone~
i've been stalking around the blog quite a bit recently but haven't much to post. but finally have a few things i'd like to get suggestions on.
the following two aren't done by any means obviously, and please ignore the captions on the compiled image.

on the fight picture, i'm just a little lost on what else to do to the composition. want to go through and make the values balance more, play more with dominance in that way, though still feel everything but the three fore-most figures is lacking. :/

on the compiled image, the two i wanted to ask for ideas on are the left-most image and the elongated funeral pictures.


lastly, feel a little embarrassed to be asking this so openly here, but i've been in this massive art-funk for a year now, and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to offer up to help me through it. here's a detailed post about what i've been going through if you feel up to reading it and offering up any thoughts.

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