Mars B&W

I was hugely inspired and motivated by the concept art workshop we had last weekend, perhaps a bit too obviously. Here is my first attempt at a character without using reference to draw the figure; It's a skill set I definitely have been ignoring for way too long.



Allison Kennedy said...

as for not using any ref, this is a great job! My only complaints are minimal: I think his forearms are a little short. I think the elbows would be a little higher and further out. Also, the legs look a little wonky (great technical word I know). But if the feet are facing out, the shin would not look like that. I think the furthest outward plane would be the knee cap.
Nice penis building in the background.

Jeremy Fry said...

Rectangle background, camo design, space guy. Yeah maybe just a tiny bit inspired by Brian hahaha. but its cool. We all need something to keep us going. The head looks like a Russian version of you - maybe all them self portraits have given you a "go to" guy in your mind? Aynwho the biggest crit I have for you is the overall design of the character. The structure and lighting are there, but think beyond that. The head seems seperate from the torso which seems seperate from the legs. Why would this guy in space need camo pants but on his vest/shirt need none? It's really just a question of consistency in the design. Unless there's some reflective light deisgn in the space suit it just doesn't make sense and if that is the case make it more obvious. So yeah, really get in to this guy's head - where does he live, what does he do, etc... and then have that really show through in the design. I hope this helps

D.R. Hovey said...

Agree with the other posters. But I like the feel of it. Fun stuff.

Kelly said...

Nice one,

I feel like the gun blends into the background too much, bring the value down or up or something so it looks like its hanging on his back and not a part of the background.

Mike Puncekar said...

This is looking pretty cool. Camo skinny jeans though? No self respecting soldier would be caught in those. He needs room to move quickly and pockets for his killin' tools.

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