Prohibition and Inhibition

My latest illu for groff, based around the prohibition era. Since I missed class I figured I'd share. Love doing these ink drawings. Think I'll do more.

Gonna get around to changing that theme over there pretty soon. Just have to find my template .psd and finish some work first.


Anonymous said...

This is nice, the way the bulbs warp and create space is a nice touch.

Mike Puncekar said...

Thanks Benji

Anonymous said...

great colors and composition Mike, i like the mood in this piece.

i feel like the singer up top and the two figures in the lower right could be more fluid.

I think the only reason they look so stiff is because all of the figures in the center feel alive. i agree with benji tho, the light bulbs are a real nice touch.

Bernadette said...

really great atmosphere, the characters are very engaging

Mike Puncekar said...

Thanks guys. If I get some time here soon I'm gonna touch up some of those characters. It was a very random drawing that was mostly planned as it went along, so those figures probably could use some work.

Bernadette said...

you should try having the girl looking at us, or just show a little more eye... maybe

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