The Terrible Tales of Bonebeard

Here's a couple of my many character roughs for an illustrative drawing project. I had some trouble with Frenchie's pose, but I think I have it down now, besides his right arm being a little wonky (needs to be foreshortened more). Josh Minto and I are collaborating on the back story of the pirate bears and their enemy goblin crew. I'll have some of the characters painted up by the end of the semester as well as some environments and other misc. designs. The semester is coming to a close way too fast and I still have a ton of work to do on this so I'll try to post some updates in the near future.


Mike Puncekar said...

Really great drawings. You fix that arm you got some real winners here.

Br()wnie said...

Tyler these look great, especially love the second piece. Congrats on the Disney call back dude! good luck

Tyler C. Bolyard said...

Thanks dudes!

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