Hey guys!

Well thanks to Alex and especially Mike for the invite- I really appreciate it and look forward to posting work up here for you guys to crit! I have enjoyed looking at this blog for a while so it's exciting to start posting. Figured i would just start with something light, here are some doodles done for comic book class! This is sort of on the spot so I will upload some more stuff later

Thanks guys


Mike Puncekar said...

Good to see you posting so quickly, damn.

I tracked down your blog and to me this stuff is at the top of the pile. I love the weight your characters are getting in these, and how loose they feel. I don't expect them to be perfect since they are such quick sketches, so any mis-drawings are pretty much forgiven. The heavy troop is still my favorite. That;s a nice, quick, solid little drawing. The other's maybe just need a little rotate to plant them better, but I like that you are playing with some stylization's in there. I'm curious to see what happens as you develop this stuff. The marker and use of thick and thins add a lot of personality to your work. I don't think it'd be a bad thing to exaggerate that a little more and experiment with some ink techniques.

Br()wnie said...

Thanks Mike- appreciate it, i will definitely work with trying some new techniques with ink and marker since that is what I spend most of my time using

Tyler C. Bolyard said...

Nice sketches man! My favorite would also have to be the heavy trooper, I like the idea for the creature to the right too.

Kelly said...

Cool dude

Keep pushing those shapes

like a warlock

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