I finished this piece this morning at 7:30am... It was due today for the conceptart.org Character of the Week contest (CHOW). I did a few chows last semester, it's quite fun, although I have yet to get used to the fast deadlines (and lack of time).

I was falling asleep while trying to finish up the colors. The line art was all black and white and grey, and I don't really every work with lineart that much, so I was messing around with multiply layers and whatnot, trying to find an easy coloring solution.

Is the composition a bit lopsided/awkward?

Ok. Sleepy time.


D.R. Hovey said...

The only real problem i have with it is the difference in styles. The girl and the lion seem to be fairly realistic while the scarecrow and the tin man are immensely stylized.

Allison Kennedy said...

I think you need to get rid of the yellow outline around the lion and just make the element in the background be an ellipse.

Mike Puncekar said...

Really cool drawing. Dorothy and the Lion definitely steal the show, I love the almost classical look they have. Tin man I don't mind because he's still feeling pretty retro. The scarecrow back there confounds me. I have no idea what's going on with his arms. It's not lopsided or anything, it just needs some more time spent polishing certain details like the dorothy's slippers and the tin man's axe, and the scarecrow. It's pretty strong as is, just needs some awake work put into it to finish it up.

Margaret Hardy said...

thanks guys, these are some great critiques! I spent the most time on Dorothy and the Lion, and I was actually going to just keep it the two of them, but I had already done some tinman sketches in my sketchbook that I really liked, so I added the tinman at around 5am, and then I felt like it would look dumb without the scarecrow...

I'm going to add this picture to my "awake work" to-do pile ;)

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