Latest Challenge

This is my final for the latest on-line challenge over at ArtOrder. If your not on there, but interested it's free for sign-up. It's like a facebook for fantasy, sci-fi illustrators. Fun stuff. Let me know what you guys think.


sarkat said...

Incredible as usual. I love the monster. I think the only thing that really messed with me is the guy's body. I almost couldn't tell he was turned so that his back is facing you. If you defined it better with lighting it might be easier to understand the body visually.

Rico Jackson said...

I agreee with sara
The Leg in the background confuses me... is it... the guys in the foreground?

Anonymous said...

dude, you should check out GenCon in Indiana. they always have artists from DnD and Magic the Gathering. it just passed, but it's every August

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