Digital practice

Hi everyone! This is my first post. Just thought I'd put up something I was working on, and maybe get some feedback on what I could work on??? Originally I was going to just overlay the colors over the scanned drawing, but didn't like the face so I went ahead and painted it. I'm going to be doing the same with the thighs so the face does not stand out so much just fyi. Anywho, I hope ya like it!!

Also, if anyone has suggestions on how to make a good brush, it would be greatly appreciated!

*made some revisions. Honestly I dont know what kind of material it is??? i can tell a few things are metal, but some look like leather. thanks for the tips!! Btw, the other picture is NOT mine, but reference.


sarkat said...

Well, I always like a good painting of a girl hah! Nice work- I like the face, but I think it feels a little flat compared to her outfit. I'd suggest maybe adding some more contrast.

The other thing I'd say is watch your materials- I'm not entirely sure what sort of stuff her armor is made out of- is it meant to be leather or metal? If metal, it needs some harsher lighting from the fire-stuff on her hands and head. If it's leather or something softer get reference on how light lays on its surface.

Just food for thought. :) But great work- I'm so stoked to see so many digital artists on here.

Wes Talbott said...

Lookin nice! so far the only thing I see that hasn't been mentioned is that her face is a little grayed out, since that fire is in front of her and to either side, her face would have alot of yellows and oranges. unless she is one of those grey skinned elf people in which case you picked quite a challenge.

Rico Jackson said...

I wanna see more in the background? And what Wes and Sara said. Sara really does like painting of girls hahaha ;]

sarkat said...

Rico you know it's my weakness OKAY.

And yeah, Wes has a good point. The skin is just overall gray, so unless she's dead/alien Id say add those warm tones dude.

To me, it appears that the breast plate, shoulder guards, and the top of her waist-dress thing? Are all comprised of metal. Metal is pretty damn hard especially with light so local as fire. And you have three different light sources not including whatever outer light source you might have (aka the sun) so you definitely cut your work out for yourself. Hah.

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