Partition W.I.P. #1

Just figured I'd post what I've done so far on the painting ( It's gonna be a challenge to finish this before school starts XD) this is prolly 6 hrs or so. oh and don't worry, the hideous green light won't be quite that overpowering I just really wanted to remember that it's there :P

So far the goals I have for painting are as follows.

1. Paint stylized volumes realistically.

2. Loosen up the rendering where it calls for it (to show motion, and texture)

3. Experiment with different brushes.

so far I used a couple new brushes I made for the hair, and the cloth. (I'm pretty happy with the loose texture on the tunic.)

if you guys catch anything wrong with it at this still fairly early stage lemme know.


sarkat said...

I'm in love with the armor. You textured it perfectly. The cloth still looks a little rough up close- but I know you aren't done. I would say watch the lighting on his hood type thing. It seems to be getting really bright. I guess I'll have to see some other figures painted first before I nag you about the light source on the figure as a whole, since some parts of it don't seem to make sense.

And the chain links seem a little flat, almost 2d, in comparison to what you've got going on with the other metal objects in the picture.
Keep up with the brush experimentation too.

Otherwise I think it's ridiculous. I can't wait to see more of this beast.

Wes Talbott said...

Thanks! yeh I'm prolly gonna repaint the hood all together. The chain links were done pretty quick so I'll be spending more time on those.

Anonymous said...


Anywho, I'd suggest if you're going to paint the hood in a looser fashion, I'd try to do the same with the other pieces of clothing, or at least to the same degree. The hood (right now) stands out a bit from the rest of the cloth because it looks a bit more loosely painted than the tunic.

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