Sea Monsters

Thumbnail sketch for an upcoming art piece. Would like some crits/suggestions before I start on the final sketch.

I'm still shaky on composition, especially that ship. I can't find reference of a historically accurate viking ship at the angle I need it so I may buy a model.
Thanks guys!


Allison Kennedy said...

Def bring the comp down a bit, the ship is too squished and there is too much dead space at the bottom. I dont know how detailed you plan on getting with the boat but I think you should make it look all beat ta hell and covered in moss and algae and such. Is the background going to be mist/clouds or waves? I want misty cloudyness but either will be good. I have complete faith that this will rock with your bad self. sugarsnap

sarkat said...

I think maybe if you brought the sea monster down a bit that would take care of the problem I'm seeing. The sea monster is just too perfectly centralized- there's even space around it on all sides. I'm not sure how you could break it up but right now it just looks too static.

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