Partition Poster

This is my attempt to do the following.

1. Make my lines more dynamic, and show more personality in my characters.

2. Improve the stylization of anatomy whilst keeping it fairly accurate.

3. Create a compact complex composition showing a battle in progress rather than the ever so popular (leading up to, charging at each other, what will happen scenario)

4. Reference more than just a couple artists at once. (Joe Maduriera, Humberto Ramos, Jim Cheung, Burne Hogarth)

Feedback would be great although I've worked on this for quite some time so I will probably only make minor edits if anyone finds something wrong. If anything really major is wrong chances are I'll save the thought for next time XD.

oh and this WILL be painted and I plan to set several goals for improvement for that process, just like I did with this one.


Alex Lyon said...

Pretty badass drawing man, you know your stuff. I'm really loving that anatomy, good style but no technical complaints. As far as little stuff goes though, the sash/cape coming off the female running behind the guys head in center, that feels like a tangent with the left side of his skull. I would also point out the tangent with the "N" and the rock guys elbow. and the last thing I could find is that it feel like that guys sword in the bottom left corner is...bending? right where the hilt meets the blade. It could just be the tight crop but still feels funny. Will this be finished with line work? or just painted?

Wes Talbott said...

Ahh good observations, I'll keep those in mind for the finished piece. Yeah the sword bend is due to the crop, but I'll see if I can clear it up when I paint. This is just the base for me to paint on. Altho my style is very comic book inspired the lines usually end up disappearing in the painting process. I'm hoping these lines will set the mood for a similar feel in the painting.

sarkat said...

I'm glad to hear you're painting it, because right now as lines alone, the depth of field is really confusing. You've got thick lines on the big guy in the back and thick lines on the guy getting his throat slashed (which is AMAZING, btw) in the front and then everyone else sort of falls in a medium line quality. I'd say for next time if you're just doing lines really work on thickness to help things fade or come forward.

But, I think it's a great action shot. The composition has lots of action and energy. I'm stoked to see you paint this puppy.

I guess my next question would be have you thought about the background? The top part of the composition was left completely empty, so I wasn't sure what you were planning to put in there to help set the scene. And, if you're planning on putting a background, are you going to keep the title at the top or nix it completely?

(Sorry, I can't contain my own curiosity when I see something so promising hah!)

Wes Talbott said...

Well the background is actually a key part of the peice. You'll notice there are 2 lines that go down the middle. well the inside of those 2 lines is a swirly misty gap with a brilliant glow emanating from it (it's basically a gateway from the demon world that these 3 have come to seal off.) My original thought for the color of this glow was a sickly yellow green, but I'm not so sure any more. It's either yellow green or red orange at the moment, but anyway the background will consist of 2 huge slabs of rock with the glow and mist coming from the center crack, and then maybe some vines or branches coming in from the top corners.

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