Winter Pirate?

Uh, well, this is awkward. I was doing a study and it ended up as character design? Don't really know. Whatever the case, I really dig how the jacket came out so I'm thinking of maybe revamping it and taking out the hideous pink scarf (It was in the original reference and so I put it in initially and then just never got removed.)

Anyone else agree?

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Alex Lyon said...

I don't mind the pink scarf. The jacket did turn out nice. My biggest beef is two things. She falls way to far back into the shadows. you need to so something simple with her to make her pop off the background that will showcase her silhouette as a character design. I mean, I know you didn't start out with her being one but if shes one now... The other thing is either vary your brush size or the brush your using. you are getting a bit of a repetitive texture between the hat scarf and shoes. All totally different materials. Nice Post.

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