What lies beneath

This is a color/value study for a painting I am prepping in lieu of contest season, and I figured I would get some feedback if the community was willing. 8x10 about three hours, just trying to establish a feel and an atmosphere, something that I've been obsessed with lately. She'll be holding one of those ugly as hell angler fish, like a creepy Flounder for my creepy Ariel. Or Ursela. She is, after all, a squid woman. Trying to keep it all very subtle and glowy, objects fading in and out ominously. The lights in the distance belong to a submarine.


Anonymous said...

The lighting from the angler fish, or where it is going to be is great. To me though, the head and neck look too large.

Anonymous said...

maybe just the neck

Alex Lyon said...

I think it's lookin good. So far I think you are starting to get a natural feeling to the body language too. I would suggest maybe adding some kind of third light source to help light that lower foreground. or maybe just beef up some rim lighting from the submarine. And to maybe add l more of her to her...like a pelvic before the squid part of her starts, her human half feels as if it stops to suddenly. Love it though. Kudos.

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