no place like home value study

In Illustration methods we are doing a piece for the "no place like home" show. In this, she is daydreaming about home, when she was little.


Sara Diesel said...

I like the composition a lot, and I feel like you could push your darks some more to really get that great chiaroscuro feel.

As far as her face goes, it almost looks like she's in pain, which I'm not sure is a good thing when it comes to the message you're trying to convey. The angle of the little girl in combination with the girl laying down and then her legs foreshortening while coming up just gives it a very strange feel- it almost messes with my eyes a bit. I really like that you put the shadow of the leaves over her pants, but it looks too obvious the way you sort of outlined her hand by NOT putting shadows over it. From the thumbnail size it almost looks like she's glowing rather than laying on illuminated ground.

I think it's probably too late in the game to really do much about some of the items I touched on, but I'd suggest playing with a transparency to see if you can add shadows in places so her hand doesn't look so outlined.

I really love the shape of the hair....I love hair haha. The hand is really well done too.

Anonymous said...

no its not too late to change things lol Kovach had a lot of changes for me to make too. I actually wished I hadnt sprayfixed the value study so I could fix it, but oh well

Sara Diesel said...

Dude, just scan it into the computer and tweak it in photoshop. You can always trace it with a light box too, if Kovach would prefer it done traditionally. I would suggest for the future, try mapping out the separate piece on several pieces of tracing paper. That way you can play around with the positioning and scrap stuff that doesn't look good. It makes it so much easier and faster to come up with a good composition that you aren't completely tied to because you've spent hours laboring over the drawing. Then when you get something you're happy with, just lightbox it and poof, instant lineart. :)

It's something Kovach kind of introduces you to, but he doesn't stress it enough. It seems like a pain in the ass but once you work it into your process it's a breeze.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if I do something similar I'll make sure to keep the tracing paper in mind. btw, thanks for the critiques! Oh and I am painting it traditionally in oils.

What do you suggest I do about the little girl in the hair? You said it was a bit confusing in combo with the girl laying down?? I get what you're saying, its just the only thing I can think of to do is to rotate the little girl the the right a little and maybe soften the edges around her?

Sara Diesel said...

Maybe introduce some other aspects of childhood into the hair so it looks more like a dream-type thing rather than there's just a super creepy little girl climbing out of her hair xD. If you go with that route, just be careful it doesn't get too busy. If you can't do it concisely and cleanly then just scrap that idea and stick to just the girl. I would say the reason why it looks so confusing is purely based upon your reference. The only way to really sort of nullify that would be to try and fade out some parts of the little girl so she doesn't look so clean cut and looks more ethereal.

When you take it to color, another easy way to show your viewer that the little girl is part of a dream is with your palette. If you make the girl laying in the grass say a warm palette, make the dream area a cooler palette. I would suggest maybe looking up some of the older masters who have done some dream type illustrations.



Dicken's Dream really exercises what I'm talking about when it comes to palette.

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