No Place like Home WIP2

Here is about 5.5 hrs of work done in class. Just the flats for everything and starting to render the archway. The value shifts in the stone will probably be a little more subtle in the end. I experimenting with a couple new brushes for different textures I'm think this may lead to completely painted texture as apposed to stock photo texture overlays.


Sara Diesel said...

I think it's coming along well. I'm assuming you fixed your horse- he looks fixed anyway, unless my eyes deceive me. BUT, I will say I think you should move him down on the plane, because currently he's almost on the same space as your two little guardmen and it's making them look like children.

But other than that, I'm really diggin' the colors, especially that burgundy against the cool blue. I would suggest watching that yellow- I'm not sure if it's in the gamut of color that can be printed. You may want to do a few test prints before you devote yourself to that. I think the only color I currently don't care for or think goes with your current (gorgeous) palette would be that weird goldish brown you chose for the ground and gate. It wouldn't make sense for them to really be both the same color as well. Your shadows are so cool, in my mind I just see that wood being a more reddish wood with cooler shadows.

I think if you want to paint all the texture, it may take more time than you anticipate. I've always hated painting detail no one sees in the final product myself, so I see it as more of a time waster to just paint all of that by hand. But, of course, all of that is ultimately your choice. You've obviously got the skill to carry it out, it's just up to you to decide how much time you have to devote to this one single project and if the effort is equal to the outcome.

Oh, and don't take these ultra long critiques as an offense to your ability. I know if it was me putting work up I'd want for someone to be just as thorough with me.

Wes Talbott said...

Haha I prefer extra long critiques. It's nice to see someone that cares enough to type out a couple paragraphs. Yeh the brown was just the initial color I chose for the flats, but your suggestion sounds like a winner so I'll be sure to try it out. The ground might end up being kind of a greenish cobble stone with grass growing out, at least where the gate is anyway.

I agree with your statement about the horse being to high on the plane but I'm wonder if I move it down will it be uncomfortably close to the bottom of the page? what if I made it smaller to match the guards, OR maybe even make it bigger and have the horse go off the page and pull the character closer in the foreground?

Sara Diesel said...

The only thing that would worry me about making him bigger is that it kinda kills the composition. I feel like you've got nice movement the way things are sized now. Making it bigger would probably make viewers struggle between looking at that gate or the horsemen.

Now that I looked at it a little bit more, I still think that horse needs to be rotated just a few degrees to the left. It will look more grounded that way.

And as far as moving down the horsemen, I'd say I wouldn't be too worried. You can move it and play with it and if it looks too close to the edge then I'd add a bit more space to the bottom. That is of course unless Kovach has you restricted to a size.

And honestly, I like the idea of dirt more for the ground. I'd be a little worried that having such intense detail in that gate and then having another stone pattern on the ground will just get really busy and compete with each other in the picture. But I'd say try it and see how it goes; it is digital, after all. You can erase crap that looks...crappy.

And yeah, I'm super harsh in my critiques and so I always get worried that not hearing it from me personally sends out a super negative vibe. I just like to put a disclaimer sometimes so people don't get all upset. I'm just not one to really sugar coat things.

Cookie said...

So far, so good! Looks great!

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