Reciprocal Design WIP (&NPLH final)

Here is the final of my NPLH entry "Welcome Home"

This is my latest project for Design for IL.

The assignment was to create a composition that reciprocates in both color and shape. (basically something along the lines of a yin yang)

We drew words out of a can to see what our subject matter would be. I got Create/Destroy so I went with a theme of two mages creating golems to destroy each other :3

Here are the design sheets I made for the mages and golems and below that is my WIP ofthe final (prolly between 70-90% done)


NaV said...

Loven that tree golem, but he is getting lost. maybe add more of a glow off the green girl to silhouette him better( maybe light beams too, it could also help give dominants in the page, right know there is a bit of a split composition) Nice top peace too!

Sara Diesel said...

Nice finished piece.

In the unfinished one, is the background remaining that gray color or have you not put in what is to be put in? If it's just gray, then I agree with the above comment. I also was a little confused by the golems. The tree one didn't make sense to me, because it almost appears to be completely turned around, facing the mage whom I thought was the one that conjured him. The blue one got a little confusing in the leg area- I had to refer to your character design sheet to understand the bone-whip type thing was actually his hand and that his legs didn't mutate into some strange boney serpentine tail.

But overall, I like the design of the two golems and your take on this particular project.

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