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yo yo how you all doin, I hope well. Here is a comic page i was workn on, The value, and color. Criticizes would be very nice. Over all, I like the value study more... atmospheric. Thanks!


Margaret Hardy said...

Hey Nate! I love this page, I remember seeing it in your sketchbook a while ago. The value study doesn't seem that much like a value study though, unless you want everything to have a light value with darker lines. The color study doesn't really follow your value study that closely, except for the top right panel. If made a larger contrast in value between the character and the background it would read a lot easier. Can't wait to see it finished!

NaV said...

Thanks a lot, yeah picking up on it again after a couple years! will work on that value, just need a wacom that works. By the way nice recent post!

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