xmas project

okay, so I did this for a poster for the aoi show, but I plan on revisiting the concept and refining it over xmas break as a project. I plan on fixing the pose of the guy on the snake, as well as the scales and the bird on the bottom. I'm also going to add a background. If there's anything else u guys notice lemme know!!! thanks!!

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Sara Diesel said...

I like the dynamic quality of the snake and the shaping. I'd say watch the left side right where the neck and that coil intersect. It's practically a tangency. I think the darker arm is a little bit too small for correct perspective and foreshortening. Also, I understand he's somewhat turned, but the snake appears to have no left shoulder at all which wouldn't be the case. You should still see some indication of one forming on the edge there.

I definitely agree with changing the guy's pose. It doesn't match the tone of the rest of the drawing.

But, cool concept! I'm excited to see it with some color put to it.

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