Dead ahead Captain! A new Oondu blogger!

Hey Oondu community! This is Drew, a new blogger. Im really happy to be joining you guys and hope I can make some positive contributions to the blog!

Last summer I attended the Pre College program for Illustration and really got interested in the 3D Illustration department.

This is a Super Sculpey creature that I finished a while ago, and have been making a lot of these. I'm working towards getting them to respond to some sort of environment, but this guy is really more of a creature/character study.

I would really like your thoughts on this project, as well as on other projects that I post in the future!


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Alex Lyon said...

Hey Drew good to see you posting. Sorry about the wait. This is looking pretty good. If I was gonna pick on you I would bring up the level of detail. You are really pushing for a good bit of it in the mouth and the care in the fingers and toes, but its the face that needs that same amount of care. Things like adding skin around the eyes to make them feel recessed into the sockets, or wrinkles around the mouth that show that more of the muscles in his face are needed to smile/yell. Its a good start though. Keep it up.

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