HOWDY! Not much today. Just messing around in illustrator. Pictured is the main villian from my children's story (I should come up with a name for this soon..) and 4 of the 5 knight masks. the far right one is the black knight's mask and is likely to change the most. I didn't include the yellow knight because his helmet's mask is somewhat hard to abstract and I didnt feel like makin it. Love how the villian turned out though.


John Pohlman said...

oh. crap. I posted in the wrong blog. well I guess this is officially my first post on Oondu... hi guys!

Rico Jackson said...

Hahahahah John hahahahah I like it though =] The super villian looks SUPPER SWEET!

Sara Diesel said...

Why am I not surprised by this?

Oh, and yeah I agree with Rico. Nice design. I like the masks too, but they're looking a little reminiscent of Bionicles.

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