New Projects, New Members, New Year

Hey everyone. Happy New Year from the Oondu Staff! Which for the time being is just me. I haven't really been posting on here due to the heavy schedule of job hunting and a part time job. BUT since I have had a bit of time with the holiday I got to start something fun. This is just something I am doing to give me a chance to play with texture and traditional painting cues that I want to try to introduce into my work. The face is still a hot mess, but the "unfinished" quality of it I think is going pretty well.


Margaret Hardy said...

Happy New Year!

Space Chimps! He looks bad ass. Textures and a confident "unfinished", or rather not over polishing, look are two things I'm striving to reach as well.

Are you going to keep the Oondu theme?

Alex Lyon said...

I need to get the files from Mike to update it. He has pretty much lost interest in Oondu from what I can tell. And although I'm not on here to much I am trying to at least keep it going for current students. Although the participation is becoming somewhat sparse...

Mike Puncekar said...

I wish I had responded to this earlier... so i didn't look so irresponsible.

I check in almost daily. Just don't comment.

DICK. Never even contacted me. I see how it is. You just wanted to see the splat of my head under the wheel of the bus YOU THREW ME UNDER.

And yeah, some changes coming soon including a public forum with a ccad members section so we can discuss other things and let this thing continue.

Mike Puncekar said...

Oh... and I lost all the files for the site... which is why it was never updated.

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