Portrait Illustration

This is the pencil sketch for my Electronic Illustration assignment. We were supposed to do a portrait of a famous person and at the same time illustrate something about them.

For those who don't know or don't recognize him this is Joe Maduriera, founder of Vigil Games.
Mainly I would just like to know if the composition is working for you guys.


Margaret Hardy said...

I think the composition is working for the most part, though it's hard to tell what exactly his right hand is doing and if it is even necessary for the right hand to be included in the picture (is it contributing anything? Just holding his sweater? Being smug?). Also, the top of his left hand and his hair are almost creating a tangent, although it may not be much of a problem if you lower the head a tad.

The overall intensity could be exaggerated if his body was at a different angle than the lamp. Maybe leaning forward, or backwards.

These are just some some random thoughts, I like this concept, nice work!

Wes Talbott said...

thank you! The right hand was actually a second thought, but the empty corner looked worse without it. he's just supposed to be pulling his hood down. Nice catch on the hand/hair tangent I'll be sure to adjust it.

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