This is a caveman character design I'm going to be using as my new logo, I'll be painting him up digitally so I should have the final character design to post up in the near future.

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Mike Puncekar said...

I dig the drawing man, especially all those subtle details you worked into the chest and side. Looks mushy and structured like it should be.

I do however have some doubts about this sort of thing as a logo. I really, really don't think it's a good move from branding yourself to a design stand point. It's gonna make incorporating it super awkward in layouts, and it's gonna make you "The caveman guy".

If it's part of like a rotating banner for your website that a whole other story, with other characters popping up in it, but I think it's just not flexible enough to work as is. I did just go to your website to see what you had working there, something isn't working, but I am curious how you are liking cargo. I was thinking about using that...

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