John Joel Glanton - Blood Meridian

Blood Meridian has certainly become my favorite book recently and I felt the need to paint up another character last night. Was really pleased messing around in photoshop cs5 for the first time on this one. I like the new paint engine but it only feels useful for under paintings so far. I think the next step from here is going to be incorporating colored ink work with this sort of color.

Only one more character from the story I'm interested in doing a portrait of though, and that's Judge Holden. Not sure if anyone out there can ever do him justice. Link to my other blood meridian portrait. I really gotta start posting stuff other than study/quickies on here.


Bernadette said...

love the bright reds you threw in there on top of that turquoise

Anonymous said...

that is an epic portait, I feel you captured the darkness

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm compiling an online guide to Blood Meridian for bookdrum.com and was wondering if I could use your wonderful portrait of John Joel Glanton. The picture would be fully credited to yourself and a link provided back to this site.

Hope to hear from you and thanks for your time


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