Joe Mad Portrait

This was an assignment for Electronic Illustration that I decided to turn into a magazine cover. It's also my first finished Corel painting. I'm still not sure how I feel about painter...


Mike Puncekar said...

This is looking pretty good. Great sense of light. Also really digging your use of textures where you did use them. They look luminescent.

Could use a few little highlights on some of the whiskers to give them some depth.and a few flat shapes through the hair so it's not as stark of a contrast in texture to the skin.

Seriously great piece though. And painter is a strange piece of software. Any more there's really no reason to use it. Not really all that many features there making it worth it. Especially since it's performance dies out pretty quick at high dpi.

Wes Talbott said...

Thanks man! Yeah I guess I got a little impatient with the hair XD

Yeah Photoshop is way more solid. Unfortunately I'll have to bare with painter again for our next project :/

Mike Puncekar said...

It was fun working with painter in that class, but I couldn't help but think, personally, it was sort of taking away from the final because all my carefully developed methods were all ruined. I guess the good thing to come from it was that I started to paint in a lot more of a traditional way when using it... but if I'm going through all that trouble, I may as well just paint traditionally. I wonder if corel really started panicing once they saw cs5's new painting engine.

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