Speedy Paint!

Ok guys... it's a bit boring, but let me know what you guys think. All suggestions are welcome. I don't normally do this kinda stuff, but one of my goals this year is to improve my Concept art abilities. After witnessing the "skills" of other members of Oondu, and not having anything to say because they were pretty damn good speed paints, I feel that I need improvement.

So anywho, this took me about 40-50 min...after starting over once, and I did have a ref. shot of a marsh that I was pulling from here and there. I am aware that I need more brushes and for the record i have no idea of a background story, just practicing for now.


Jerk-Face said...

jake and i are going to tag team you here in a completely non sexual way. So i'll go first, i like the sky and the way the clouds fade into the white atmosphere. but i don't like how the rocks were painted and the lake or puddle,which brings up my biggest problem with this piece is scale. give something to the viewer to help them decipher how big things are,but nice clouds be proud of those clouds.


Okay, for not doing much of these, you're making some headway. Tyler makes some good points about the scale of things. Because a lot of natural objects like lakes and rocks are very abstract and can vary greatly in size, it's really important to have something in the piece that will give the viewer a way to discern scale. That's one reason why you'll see a lot of concept art environments with a little random guy stuck in. Clouds and planet are fairly sexy. ;) There's confusion about the object on the very left edge. It looks like the beginnings of an Aztec pyramid or something, but it's not really clear. Also some confusion about the objects just above the horizon line on the right - are they trees or clouds? And finally, I have to comment on the lighting. Nothing seems to have much of a clear sense of light and shadow for the type of daylight you suggest with the sky. I'd say brighten up those highlights on the rocks.

WHEW!!! This is really long, but I guess it is two of us in one comment - at no extra charge! Anyway, we understand that this is a speedie and it's great to see you practicing it! These are all pretty much just general things to keep in mind whenever working out environments and whatnot. Keep it UP!!!

Brandon said...

I'm going to throw my non-art mongering opinion into the ring here. I think the piece is lacking a lot of texture; in my mind it looks somewhat "soft". How you would go about improving this, I haven't the foggiest; you all know how untalented I am at things artsy. Hope that helped...

Mike Puncekar said...

Dang good comments right there. I don't have anything to add but a, this is really good for knowing how few of these you may have ever done. I still think unknowing to that it stands up really well, especially for an hour. I play with brushes for a good half hour before even starting.

S. Alex Lyon said...

Damn guy you really raped me. But that's cool. Some of that stuff I kinda saw but either way its good to hear. Tyler, though tough, I know you care. Deep...deep down, I think. haha.

I'm working on a new one now that should be up this weekend that I tried to really take all these tips into account when working. i hope to get as good a crit as i did this time around.


p.s. Brandon, if your not artistic and you see an problem, then its one that should not go unstated. Thanks for the critique.

Kev said...

Lotsa sexual tension on these forums.... Should make classes interesting methinks

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