Here's the latest for my project for the Ron Tardino. I figure I've already told most of you guys what I'm doing, but for those of you who don't know, or don't remember, my story is basically a "samurai-western" story. This is an interior concept for the saloon where we first meet the main protagonist of the story. Tried to get some subtle japanese/asian influences into the architecture.

EDITED!!! -- tried to get that chair to look better (not sure if it is though). Also played with the wall stripes a bit, but the same little phenomenon keeps happening. I think it's just the fact that all the little stripes in the pattern I used are sort of blending together as they recede in perspective which makes them look more spaced apart than the ones up front. Oh well I guess.

AND A NEW ONE! -- of a significantly lesser quality :P

Here's an exterior shot of the same saloon. It's pretty rough at this point, but I just don't have the time to keep working on it for now. It's finished enough to show Tardino for now I suppose. I honestly don't really know why I decided to paint these seeing as I want my final project to be a black and white graphic novel.......Oh well. Practice I guess.


Mike Puncekar said...

well... extend that front leg on the foremost chair, or make the edge more apparent and I think you have something that is damn near perfect... made a tiny edit for you, since i do know some teachers check this place out... I laughed... but I'll save you from a possible awkward moment.

Looks pretty clean and nice though. How'd you pull off the bottles? Little bit of photo thrown in at all? Cause that looks like a major pain in the butt to paint.

Mike Puncekar said...

on a side note... way to make me look bad for changing the theme haha.

Alex Lyon said...

Ok, so this is when I say DAMN and then you reassure me that you used a good bit of photo textures. I have yet to use them in a finished piece, but if you did you have sure used them well. Over all I think this is a really great piece, the lighting especially has a smooth natural feel.

On the other hand, I would say that both the chairs in frame feel awkwardly placed, the way the front chair legs sit on the floor especially.

That aside nice job man. You sure keep the bar raised high, keeps me on my toes haha. Keep posting this stuff, I don't want to fall behind on your story.

Anonymous said...

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Jake Murray said...

Thanks guys. Yeah, I broke down and did some hardcore photo texturing with this one. I always kind of feel like I'm cheating, but the results are definitely nicer and I just don't have time to be spending 25 hours on a concept painting. Thanks Mike for looking out - it took me a while to figure out what "edit" you were talking about. As for changing the theme, I'm not sure what you're talking about, but sorry for making you look bad(?).

Jake Murray said...

Oh. I'll probably get back into fixing the chair a bit too. I started working on the exterior view of the saloon today, so I'll probably be throwing that up here this weekend once it's finished. Thanks again for the crits, guys.

Alvaradolol said...

I'm sure you're aware, but the wall stripes don't really make sense in perspective. Unless they spread out farther and farther as they go back.

Mike Puncekar said...

Another good looking piece man. One thing that sticks out to me are the knubs on the cast shadow on the roof. If anything I think you would have the square shape on the underside, since there is no reason for the roofline shadow to be picked up. Awesome subtle use of photo texture though.

To me this kind of stuff speaks so much more than super ultra detailed work. Good lighting is all a piece needs in my opinion.

PhiL the Zombie said...

Damn Jake, way to make me jealous, nice pieces, If you consider photo collage to be "cheating", you probebly havent studied recent art history much, so i wouldnt worry about that, the overall painting that you did do far exceeds anyone saying, "o, he cant paint, hes got photos in there!" those people obviously cant see how well you can paint, so yeah, dont sweat it,

id take another look at the perspective on the chair and the word saloon, they look off to me, i think its the chair back that is bothering me most, and as for the text, it doesnt seem to follow the building, maybe hide part of the N under that awning

both small things you could easily fix i think, keep it up man, you make the rest of us look bad =)

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