event poster and pin up comp s

Hey all, haven't posted in a minute so I wanted to throw this up. Comp for styles event poster, and some progress on the pin up piece i plan to use for.... w/e, i dont need a reason to do a pin up, its given me woes though... let me know your guys first reactions and such, and any suggestions you have before I take them any further, especially you guys in my class for the poster, but input from everyone would be much appreciated



Mike Puncekar said...

Well, I sat at work here today, and wrote a ton about this piece. It was a pretty critical take on the A-V-A piece. I have it ready to be sent out in my e-mail, but when I say critical I mean critical. So I didn't really feel like posting it here since it pretty much looks like I'm publicly grilling you. Let me know if you want it sent to you.

It has alot working for it, but there are distracting factors that I think need to be mentioned. The earth down there looks wonderful though. Executed very very nicely.

As far as the pin-up goes I think I've talked to you in person enough about it. I do my best to chase out bias when I do haha.

PhiL the Zombie said...

Sure, go ahead and email me

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