Finally posting

I thought since I'm staying up all night i might as well post something, so here are some sketches i thought might coincide with the theme. One is actually from freshman year but can you guess which one?

Here are some more resolved ideas that i did back in the day when i actually liked drawing :(


green Olive said...
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Alex Lyon said...

haha nice post, FINALLY. Your stuff is always fun to look at. Just to try to find all the little stuff you put in there.

My guess is that the middle one is the oldest sketch.

shysuiko said...

great lil characters. i love the mouth-skull-fishhook guy.

Mike Puncekar said...

Loving the executioner man. I've only really seen your super clean stuff. That guy is just so great. I mean, they all are pretty good, but that one really has some personality, and without a face no less.

Jerk-Face said...

thanks for the comments guys and the fish hook guy is the one from freshman year.

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