Ok, so here's what I've been up to. The first is an event poster for the HP Lovecraft Film Festival. I decided to not post the one with type, as the type provided the most problems for the in-class critique. And I need to finish up the typewriter and the rest of his body, but have at it guys.

[Edit] I updated it a tad.

ALSO! I wanted to point this out to ya'll


November 1st is International Self-Portrait Day! So hopefully on Nov. 1st we'll all post something on here.


Alex Lyon said...

Lovecraft is going good. As for the bottom illustration. I like the graphic nature of it but I don't think the juxtaposition of the Graphic elements against the more realistic space and earth is working so well. I think you need to pull those other two elements in closer to the "art deco" design vibe you have going so far.

My Two Cents.

Bernadette said...

i think your lovecraft is really accurate. i don't know if you intended it but his shoulders look a little small. i think it might look cool if you tried putting some chromatic highlights on the tentacles so they look slimy. Sweet idea for an event poster.

shysuiko said...

the brushstrokes in lovecraft's face are lovely, but it would have been great to see you push some of the colous in him.

PhiL the Zombie said...

While I like the tentacles personally, when I think of Lovecraft, the tentacles that come to mind are much more sinister. Yours are kinda soft, more of the dotted texture in a lower key in other places would help, maybe some scars too, I dont think it would take much.

The portrait looks good, the shadow below his lip on the right side of his face seems abrupt, maybe soften that, other than that, its lookin really good

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