Well, I haven't posted on Oondu yet, so I figured I'd post a progress shot of my poster design for Ill Styles and Concepts. There isn't a spot on the painting that's finished yet. The bandana around his neck is going to be red similar to the background, but it will have a few harsh highlights and shadows to differentiate it from the bkg. The area that isn't painted red is going to be the bulls chasing him. Oh, I probably should have started with that. The poster is promoting The Running of the Bulls. The image below is a ROUGH idea of what the final will look like. 

Also, here's a progress shot of an acrylic painting I'm doing in my figure drawing class. This is day 1 of 3.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend


Bernadette said...

hey i think your technique is looking really great on both of those. i never thought of staring out with a burnt sienna background like that. i think i will try it. so far the only thing i can suggest is maybe getting some warmer colors in the skin tones on your poster. His face looks very similar to his shirt.

Eric Alessandrini said...

I agree. right now I'm just doin a two color plus white on the figure. When I finish painting in the value structure, I'm gonna ad flesh tones.

PhiL the Zombie said...

its hard to talk about it cuz you only really have the faces done right now

my one suggestion is that a hoody doesnt exactly fit with the running of the bulls =/

Kevin Havens said...

Finally!!! somebody posting something. I was getting tired of looking at my own work. These are turning out really nice man. Overall I'd really just like to see more definition in everything. I agree with Bernadette that the skin needs warmer tones in it. But I do like the sepia look. And that red is really working for the background. I'm eager to see what the bulls will look like once they're fited in there.

And that other one is working nicely too. good tones on that one. I can't enlarge the thumb but what I can make out I like. Good contrast in the background and figure. Umm... thats all I got. Keep posting!

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